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The AR-15/M16 blank-firing adapter is a new production item from Leapers, Inc. under the UTG PRO brand. Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, Leapers was established in 1992 as a supplier of hunting, outdoor and shooting equipment. Seventeen years later, Leapers decided to establish their own "Made in America" manufacturing operation in order to meet the uncompromised standards expected of them. Beginning with unique mounting systems and polymer stocks, the UTG PRO brand has since branched out into a wealth of firearm accessories designed to meet the needs of those seeking 922R-compliant products. Today, the company continues to expand by keeping up the customer-driven focus that put them on the map. But enough about the company, it is time to talk more about the AR-15/M16 blank-firing adapter.

A blank-firing adapter is a muzzle device used in conjunction with blank cartridges. Without a blank-firing adapter, your firearm is highly unlikely to cycle blank ammunition. Such is the case with firearms like the AR-15 and the M16, both of which utilize direct gas impingement. As these firearms depend on high-pressure propellant gases to cycle the action, they require a muzzle device to seal the muzzle when firing blank cartridges, thus closing off the barrel and preventing those propellant gases from escaping.

The AR-15/M16 blank-firing adapter features a precision-made, steel alloy construction and a red finish that makes it highly visible. The robust user-friendly ring, used for both transport and operation, allows the adapter to be easily installed on any AR-15 or M16 that features a standard A2-style flash hider. To install, simply slip the adapter over the muzzle and use the ring to screw the plug into the barrel. To regulate the amount of propellant gases that escape, simple loosen or tighten the plug.

Much like you would expect from a Leapers product, the AR-15/M16 blank-firing adapter has been field tested to ensure outstanding performance. If you have any use for a USGI-style blank-firing adapter for your AR-15 or M16

The M4 blank firing adapter fits over the muzzle of your weapon and captures gas to make the weapon function
and cycle with blank ammunition. Easy to install and does not alter the weapon.
Yellow adaptor for 16" guns with muzzle brakes
Uses the following; Blank .223 ammo with crimped neck, feeds great, 100 rounds - AMM-016


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Written by 907 Surplus — November 05, 2013

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